We drive to our adventures and we want you to do the same.


Our Mission

Purchasing a car can be a stressful, time consuming, and confusing process. Once you buy your car it's hard to find a knowledgeable shop to properly outfit it and not just sell you parts.  Our goal is to eliminate the stress, save you time, and get you in the driver's seat of a car that will reliably serve you for years and take you wherever you want to go. Our business continues to grow every year, but we have not and will not abandon our core values. We strive and continue to succeed at providing a seriously unique car buying experience. All while maintaining the most comfortable atmosphere... No salesman suits, no pressure, no games. Our "showroom" is basically our living room. Stop by and hang out for a bit and you'll see what we mean.


How we accomplish it

It's Simple!    We don't sell junk.    "If I can't put my wife and son it and send them to California with peace of mind, then I'm not selling it..." That is a steadfast rule we go by and will never abandon. We also have a much more thorough inspection and make-ready process that a lot of used car lots will never do.    We know cars...    We don't know sales tactics. We're car people and believe a great car will sell itself, so we don't need games or tricks to make you buy them. Ask a detailed question about a vehicle we're selling, and I bet you we know the answer. We tell the truth. It's a "buyer beware" market, so we make the buyer fully aware of everything. Surprises are lame when it comes to buying a car, so we try to make sure there are none. At the end of the day, our priority isn't the bottom line. What's most important to us is knowing our customers have great vehicles that they love. 

Some of What We Achieved in 2016

  • Helped people save a total of $517,000 on purchasing a "new to them" car.
  • Transformed the car buying experience for 287 folks.
  • Helped people save hundreds of dollars per year on vehicle related expenses they no longer have due to being in a quality vehicle.
  • Created a new go-to spot as well as continually updated resources for the Overlanding and Off-Road community in the Midwest.
  • Outfitted vehicles that have now traveled over 60,000 miles and explored some of the most amazing places America has to offer. 
  • Built a new line of Overland Trailer