10-13 T4R Hybrid Bumper


We've been dreaming and scheming…

... And now the time has come! For years people have been asking and hoping for one of these to come to market.

We are now in the final stages of production for our very own 2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid bumper. 

We're 10-13 nuts, and this has been something we have been wanting to do for a VERY LONG TIME...
We designed this from the ground up with strength, weight, and looks in mind...... In that order.
If you're reading this, you are most likely into the 10-13 "pre facelift" front end much like us. We like the way the lines flow and we wanted to design a bumper that integrated with and also complimented the factory lines as much as possible.

What you see here is our V1. This was built to test fitment for the winch tray / lights / skin / etc. The production bumper (V2) will be released and available for sale sometime around the fall of 2018

The changes we made for the V2;
- Beveled the leading edges (1") to roughly match the factory trim beveling and give it a more sleek look.
- Lowered the overall height of the bumper by 2"
- Went with a single row, rather than double row 20" light bar
- Enlarged the skid plate "stringers" 

Major points to the bumper;
- The winch tray is almost dead center of the frame rails so it's pulling STRAIGHT off of them, rather than pulling up or down.
- The winch tray has three different mounting locations to accomodate all different size winches.
- The area for the winch is LARGE, so you can stuff a big one in there if you want to.
- Incorporated skid plate...  As you can see from the pictures, the skid plate runs all the way back to the front main skid. Doesn't matter if you're running factory, RCI, etc. 
- Cut out for 20" single row light bar.
- Front cutouts to allow for airflow and easy access to the winch controls.
- We positioned the fairlead mounting location as vertical as possible so that it will not rub on the rope during winching causing excessive wear to the line.
- Supports to tie in the factory lower bumper skin so the bumper stays secure as if it were factory (and almost slightly more so than factory).

Stay tuned on our instagram page @AdventureMotorskc for updates as they become available. V2 design is complete and it's already off the plasma table. We are re-checking a few things over this next week and should have finalized pictures by the beginning of June.

We will be pricing the bumper at $800. That's bare steel, incorporated skid plate, 20" light bar cut out, and with the hoop. 

Here's the kicker... We've designed it so that it SHOULD fit all 10-13's. We will be verifying this on an SR5 and Limited bumper sometime in September. Rather than build the bumper around the secondary trail trim pieces, it was built around the main bumper skin. The ONLY hangup is the top trim piece just below the grill. We ran the tolerance of the bumper as close as possible so that it should sit perfectly for SR5's and Limiteds that don't have that upper Trail piece.
We aren't making any guarantees, yet..... ;-)

We WILL be doing a GROUP BUY for the initial run of the bumpers that will be cutoff at 25 folks.
From closing of group buy the lead time to shipping will be 5-6 weeks. If powder coating is desired it will add 1-2 weeks.

Feel free to chat it up and let us know your thoughts here;


We will post all updates to Instagram @AdventureMotorskc

We will NOT be taking any orders or starting the group buy until we release all the detailed pictures of the V2 bumper. 


The very stoked crew of Adventure Motors