Founded in 2011 by Michael Fuller, Adventure Motors was birthed out of the simple desire to help family and friends buy and sell their vehicles. A "car guy" from the start, Michael received his ASE mechanic's certification during college and by twenty one he'd owned over 40 cars.

In 2015 the company was renamed to Adventure Motors (originally founded as DYI Motors) and is currently run by Michael and his wife Tikva. Also a part of the Adventure Motors crew is Lev, our outfitting and trailer tech - Bryce, our fabricator - and Aaron, our product specialist . 

It's beyond apparent that the used car industry is in need of a overhaul. A lot of dealers will do anything they can to make an extra buck or "land that sale." Lying about car history, covering up major mechanical issues, absurd financing gimmicks, etc... What all of that boils down to is people like you losing your hard earned money and being left feeling like you got swindled. For a lot of people buying a car is one of the biggest purchases they make. Not only that, a vehicle is what you put your family in, you rely on it to get you to work, trust it to take you on cross country road trips, and get you nearly everywhere you need to go. With that being the case, why do millions of dealers think it's OK to knowingly sell a lemon? It baffles us. At Adventure Motors we understand this, and our goal is to provide you with a vehicle that will reliably and enjoyably do all of that and much more. Our track record is proven, our customers are happy, and all our cars are still on the road. If we don't believe you can get in it and safely drive it to California, well, you won't see us selling it then. Our goal is to break the mold of what so many used car dealers do... all while giving you the best buying experience possible. We've been doing it for years, and as we grow, we hope to continue doing it for years to come!

On top of all of that, we've seen there is a major disconnect between the used car industry and the off-road / outfitting world. Every member of Adventure Motors is an "adventure junky" and we believe your vehicle should be a part of your lifestyle. We decided to take our experience and passion and combine them into one company. We can sell you an awesome car AND outfit it for a competitive price.