Trail ready Starting at $6995.00

Imagine having the ability to go places you only dreamed of before.  The Free Spirit Recreation Journey Off-Road trailer features 31” all-terrain tires, the cutting edge axel-less suspension system from Timbren, and a sleek rugged look that will definitely compliment your Toyota or other tow rig! 

The FSR Journey Off-Road Trailer is the lightest trailer on the market and is easily towed by nearly any vehicle that has a towing package capable of supporting 1500 lbs trailer weight.

Available EXCLUSIVELY at Adventure Motors is a complete lineup of custom built in options that would turn this trailer into a fully self-sufficient Overland / Backcountry trailer. All for considerably less than most competitors all while maintaining it's compact and lightweight footprint!

Base Package Includes:  Journey off road trailer, Rhino vortex black two bar 65 roof rack, 31″ BFG KO2 TA, 15×7 MBM Razor Rims, Lock-N-Roll full articulation receiver hitch (not shown in some pictures) - $6995.00


  • Dimensions: 71 ½”L X 44”W X 46”H (to top of the rack)
  • Weight: 690 lbs. (Excluding tent)
  • Storage: 45 cubic feet
  • Suspension: Timbren 2,000 lb. axeless suspension system

Available built in options:

Stage 1 Power System - $750

  • 100 amp hour battery 
  • 8 circuit distribution block
  • Charge controller (charges while tow vehicle is running)
  • Two USB charge ports
  • Two DC charge ports
  • LED full system read out and display panel

Stage 2 Power System - $1500

  • Includes all options from Stage 1 power system
  • 100W one touch deployable solar panel
  • 1000 watt dual outlet AC power inverter
  • Smart solar charge controller system that is 100% worry / maintenance free
  • Pre-wired switch panel (four switches)

Stage 3 Power System - $2250

  • Includes all options from Stage 1 and Stage 2 power system
  • Four under trailer/rock lights
  • Two rear lights
  • Two front lights


Stage 1 Water system - $1000

  • 16 gallon water tank
  • 3GPM water output pump
  • Mounted lockable stainless steel spigot mounted near trailer tongue
  • Pex waterlines for great freeze resistance and longevity
  • One touch switch system for easy operation

Stage 2 water System - $1950

  • Includes all options from Stage 1 water system
  • 3GPM water intake pump for bringing in stream or any source water 
  • Four stage filtration system (10 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron, .01 micron)
  • Stainless steel Quick connect fitting mounted near trailer tongue with 25 foot intake line 

Stage 3 water System - $2500

  • Includes all options from Stage 1 and Stage 2 water system
  • Instant hot water heater that flows at 1.5GPM
  • 5 lb mounted propane bottle with stainless steel lockable mount
  • Propane quick connect line
  • Shower sprayer system