1993 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73 SWB - Japanese Market - RHD - Diesel - Manual Transmission

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73 SWB - Japanese Market - RHD - Diesel - Manual Transmission


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This is a great example of a well kept and very well maintained Land Cruiser HZJ73. This is a 1993, so the newest model you can currently import into the U.S.

This ZX trim level is what is considered as the short wheel base model and it is equipped with the 1HZ diesel 4163CC inline six cylinder engine. The 1HZ is quite a sought after engine due to it’s ease of maintenance and bullet proof reliability. It’s mated to a five speed manual transmission ( Gear ratios - 1st; 4.843, 2nd; 2.618, 3rd; 1.516, 4th; 1.0, 5th; .0845 ) and a part time four-wheel-drive system with electronically controlled front locking hubs. The 73 series is similar to the 60 and 75 series having leaf sprung suspension and solid axles both in the rear and front.

Overall it is a very well buttoned together rig with nearly all factory options in place and in flawless working condition. It was apparent it was a meticulously maintained vehicle as there are zero glaring mechanical issues, no leaks, and no items in disrepair. The timing belt service was done just a hair over 100k miles so you’re talking only a few months worth of driving on a fresh in-depth service. We have gone through the mechanics of the vehicle and were pleasantly surprised to find it was nearly tip top. We’ve conducted a baseline service on fluids in the vehicle and there appear to be no items due for routine service and no items that are in need of repair.

The exterior is free of any major damage or dents. The vehicle is still currently going through an exterior detail including very minor paint correction on a few body panels. The paint shines up nicely and there are no signs of rust at all.

The frame and undercarriage is VERY, VERY clean. There is no concerning / structural / worrisome rust at all. It is yet another area that proves it was a cared for vehicle. Looking underneath the vehicle is quite enjoyable seeing a ‘93 in such darn good shape.

The interior is in almost unbelievably good shape. The pictures speak for themselves. There are no strange odors - there is no major damage - and only minimal signs of wear show. All the interior electronics / functions work flawlessly and are all original. AC is ICE cold and the heat pumps out great.

Mechanically it is very well buttoned together. As it sits right now it is 100% road worthy and drives out great. We have had the absolute pleasure (and will continue to do so until it’s completely ready for sale) of putting many miles on this rig. It starts up almost instantly and idles perfectly. It gets up to operating temperature slowly and idles just as good once at temp. The suspension / brakes / drivetrain is VERY tight. It runs through the gears with no hesitation and it feels and stays planted on the road nicely all the way up to highway speeds. The transfer case engages without hiccups and 4WD low works as it should.

The underside is completely dry and as stated earlier, in amazing looking condition!

We will have more in depth details and pictures of the vehicle once it is officially for sale. We are adding new BFG KO2 tires to the factory wheels in 31.5” overall size to fill the wheel well out and get the tires back to a near factory diameter.

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