Diesel... RHD... Ute... Troopy...  

These are the words that make us happy!

The US market for the Toyota 4x4 is unfortunately limited compared to what is produced... Thanks to the US import laws we get to legally import, own, and drive almost any vehicle that is 25 years or older. That opens up the doors to so many amazing vehicles for those of us in the good ol' U.S.A.

Our company owner, Michael, spent some time in Japan back in the early 2000's and it has been a passion of his to import Toyota 4x4's for quite some time. We have developed a great relationship with a used vehicle exporter in Japan through some of Michaels old friendships over there and we are now importing vehicles to the US. 

Now that we are in 2018, it really opens up the doors to get our hands on some awesome rigs from Japan. If you've always wanted a RHD diesel 80 series... or maybe a "troopy" 70 series... how bout a diesel hilux?? Now is the time to snag one up! 

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