Ready to buy a vehicle but don't see anything for sale that you want? Don’t have the time to shop around and want a hands-free vehicle buying solution? Maybe there is something specific or a dream overland vehicle you have in mind, but you can't find it. Yet again, Adventure Motors has a solution for you. Commission us to track down the perfect car for you! On top of that we can build your vehicle up to your specifications. With a small deposit we will find a vehicle that fits your bill, then our expert inspectors will go through the mechanics of it to ensure it meets all our stringent standards that our inventory has to meet.

Use the form below to submit a request for commission and we will be in touch with you soon to explain the process in detail.

Name *
Please provide the specifics of the type of vehicle you're looking for. EX: 2010-2014 4Runner Trail Edition PLEASE be as detailed as possible with color/trim/options you're looking for and other pertinent details.
EX: $18,000-$22,000
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Purchase Timeframe *
Method of Payment *
Please note, we do not provide in house financing. Please check out if you are a local customer to get some great rate on vehicle loans.
Give us all the details of what you would like for us to do to the vehicle. IE: ICON suspension, RCI skid plates, BFG tires, etc..
ie: cargurus, craigslist, expedition portal, etc.
Do that here ;-)

our commission VEHICLES FROM SPRING 2017