Purchasing a vehicle can be a stressful, time consuming, and confusing process. We strive to provide a unique car buying experience all while maintaining a relaxed environment... No salesman suits, no pressure, no games. Our "showroom" is basically our living room. Stop by and hang out for a bit and you'll see what we mean.

How we accomplish it

It's Simple!    We don't sell junk. We also have a much more thorough inspection and make-ready process that a lot of "used car lots" will never do.    We know vehicles...    We don't know sales tactics. We're car people and believe a great car will sell itself, so we don't need games or tricks to make you buy them. Ask a detailed mechanical or historical question about a vehicle we're selling, and I bet you we'll know the answer. We tell the truth. It's a "buyer beware" market and used vehicles are sold as-is, so we make the buyer fully aware of everything we know of. Surprises are lame when it comes to buying a car, so we try to make sure there are none. At the end of the day, our priority isn't the bottom line. What's most important to us is knowing our customers have great vehicles that they'll enjoy for a long time.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a dealership? Surprisingly we get asked this question every month. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded Missouri dealership. We sell over 300 used Toyota and Lexus’ every year, and on top of that we have a vehicle in EVERY state of the U.S. and in three different countries as of 2018…. including Alaska and Hawaii!

What are your hours? We are OPEN Wednesday - Saturday 830am-630pm. We are CLOSED on Sunday - Tuesday.

Where do you get your late model inventory? Due to the unique and rare model/color option used Toyota's we sell every month we have to scour the country to find them. We bring vehicles in from darn-near every state in the country. On our inventory page there will always be a Carfax available for the vehicles for sale so you can see where it came from and it's story.

Do you inspect your vehicles? Before a vehicle gets a “green light” to ho for sale on our floor it will go through a minimum of two in-depth inspections. These inspections are checking every mechanical component, electronic items, the frame/undercarriage, the body, the exterior, and the interior. We're checking for non-operating systems, structural damage, un-disclosed repaired damage, rust, stains, worn out parts, hidden water damage, etc. We want to proudly put our name behind every vehicle so we've got to know what we're putting our name on.

What servicing or repairs do you have done before you sell a vehicle? We like to have our vehicles at a solid "base-line" prior to them being posted for sale. This means all scheduled services being up to date (fluids, belts, plugs, etc.). On top of that, mechanical items should be good to go including brakes being above 40%, no steering or drivetrain components needing replacement (tie rods, sway bar end links, CV axles, u-joints, etc.), tires being above 40%, no exhaust leaks, etc. We also have every vehicle detailed, and if necessary items steam cleaned so that they are as clean as could be. We don’t use extreme chemicals or any cover up agents. Lastly, if a vehicle needs something we'll have it stated in the listing clearly.

Do you sell salvage or total loss vehicles? We only source and sell clean title vehicles. Minor fender benders/accidents don't automatically disqualify vehicles from our inventory and they are evaluated on a case by case basis. We go through the vehicle during our initial inspection process to see how many body panels have been re-painted and what other components may have been replaced. To a well trained eye, you can spot sub-standard repairs, coverups, and underlying issues very easily when it's all you look at every single day. Again,  Carfax is a great resource to get the fully history of a vehicle, but not always the end all be all.

Do you offer financing? We do not offer in-house financing. All of our sales are cash or check and that's it. If you're local to the KC and surrounding areas there are plenty of great credit unions and banks we can refer you to. We find that most of the used car "buy here - pay here" lots are just a scam that swindle you into a loan with absurd interest rates and hidden fees/costs. We work with banks every single day and are very familiar with what they need from us to ensure the process is very streamlined if you buying a vehicle from us via a loan.

Can I have my mechanic look at a vehicle? Absolutely. Any customer is welcome to take a vehicle to a mechanic of their choice to have it looked over. We'll need to take a copy of your drivers license and insurance to let you take the vehicle and it has to be done within one day as we can't have vehicles out overnight. 

What payment types do you accept? We accept cash, personal check, cashiers check, and money orders. We also accept credit cards but a 3% fee is assessed for processing credit cards.

Do you negotiate prices? Sure don't. Our price is what it is. There are no added fees or costs, so the price a vehicle is listed for sale for is what you pay and not a penny more. If we can't sell a vehicle at a fair price then it won't be in our inventory. If you find a better deal for the exact vehicle we're selling then you should buy it, it won't hurt our feelings. Our priority is you getting into a great used Toyota or Lexus at a fair price and we feel our pricing does just that.

Do you take trade-ins? Yes we do. If you have something that you want to trade-in to us we'll need the VIN#, mileage, trim package, and options on the vehicle to give you a rough idea of what it's worth to us on a trade-in. 

Do you hold vehicles for interested buyers? We do hold vehicles for customers if a deposit is placed on it. Everything we sell is on a first come first serve basis, so if you want us to hold a vehicle for you, please inquire and one of our team members will explain our deposit terms.

Do you service vehicles for customers? At this time we don't offer any repair/service work for customers, however, that is changing in the future.

Do you sell or outfit vehicles other than Toyota or Lexus? At this time we DO sell other makes of vehicle’s but we only wrench on Toyota / Lexus in our build shop. We do get trade-ins that are not Toyota / Lexus quite regularly, and if it's something that we are comfortable putting our name behind then those will be for sale to the public.