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From rare to unicorn… The journey of our 2013 Trail edition 4runner

This rig started its life as the rarest of 10-13 Trail Editions… A 2013 factory Shoreline Blue Pearl NON KDSS! We think the Shoreline Blue Pearl paint is one of the best colors Toyota has ever used and we’re quite proud of how the rig looks now.

We’ve taken this 4Runner through many stages of builds before it landed in it’s current state. Our goal was for it to be incredibly unique and still have somewhat subtle look as to not draw any negative attention. Along with that we wanted it to be a hop in and go daily driver and turn-key Overland rig all in one…. A lot to squeeze into one vehicle!

Here it is day one, completely stock and ready for us to transform it!

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From there we did the most important stuff first… Lift, re-gear, Nomad valve body upgrade, sliders, skids, diff breathers, major servicing, etc. and it transformed into this;

We wanted to get some serious seat time in it and decide on which direction we would take it next. This is where we really started to focus in on the lights / communications / interior features / etc. Our favorite part of the 10-13 Trail Editions is you get all the features of the 14+ with a better looking instrument cluster and a factory supplied sunroof. We decided to swap over nearly an entire interior from a 2016 Trail Premium… Carpet, heated leather seats, door skins, center console, cargo plastics, door sills, kick plate, etc. Short of a few small pieces this interior has just over 15k miles on it. Oh, and a fridge! ;-)

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Our first go around on the interior got it perfectly dialed in. We’ve played with a lot of different parts and setups across our numerous company builds the last three years… This one has turned out to certainly be our FAVORITE setup hands down. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Time to test it out!


With the mechanics and interior done there were just a few little bits it needed to be ready for a point and shoot… Snorkel, Y-pipe, some tuning, winch, storage, a few more lights, etc…

We were beyond pleased with the outcome of the trip and the rig performed flawlessly. With the combination of the Y-pipe / Nomad Valve body / Intake / MAF tuner / Re-gear this thing will scoot. It’s considerably faster than a stock 4Runner in it’s current form and you can still use whatever gas you want!

The final part to the build was to make it the first ever Shoreline Blue Pearl 14+ converted Trail Edition.

It was a fairly straight forward but long process. We purchased all new Toyota parts for the substructure of the bumper, OEM TRD Pro headlights, OEM bumper, OEM TRD Pro grill and overlay, etc. Once the parts were in it was ready for paint and a custom paint / texture on the fender flares so that it would match seamlessly. Our friends at Tanners Customs in KC did a stellar job getting the paint to match up perfect!

It looked a bit bare and was ready for the final touches, new wheels to complete the look, and a minor suspension adjustment…

Here’s where it sits now

unnamed (8).jpg

After six months, five different wheel / tire setups, four different suspension setups, and three different front ends…. it’s dialed.

We’ve enjoyed building this rig to where it is… Now It’s time for someone to enjoy it!

Currently sitting at 110k miles. If interested please e-mail Sales@adventure-motors.com


Dobinsons MRR front coilovers

Dobinsons MRR rear shocks

Toytec Superflex HD rear coils

Total Choas complete rear long travel link kit

SPC Adjustable front upper control arms

Timbren Industries front and rear active bump stops

Dobinsons extended rear sway bar end links

Engine and Drivetrain;

WAT Nomad valve body upgrade

ECGS complete 4.56 re-gear

URD Y-pipe

URD Maf tuner

Custom cat-back side exit exhaust

ARB Diff breathers

ARB Snorkel


Complete RCI Off Road 1/4” aluminum skid plate set

RCI Off Road sliders

RCI Off Road rear diff skid


C4 Fabrication Lo-Pro with Smittybilt X20 10k synthetic line winch and Extreme LED light bar

Baja Designs foglight replacement kit

Baja Designs rear lights custom mounted in bumper

Extreme LED rack mounted rear light bar

Rigid Industries side lights (driver and passenger)

CBI Ditch light brackets with Extreme LED amber lights

Frontrunner Outfitters roof rack

Frontrunner Outfitters wolf pack mounts (x4) with wolf packs

Gobi rear ladder

Frontrunner outfitters maxtrax mounts with maxtrax

Includes FSR Adventure Series M55 tent


C4 fabrication dual battery tray

Two group 34R extreme duty AGM batteries

Upgraded main harness and wiring

Blue Sea ML-ACR dual battery controller

Blue Sea 6 position distribution block

Switch Pro 9100s controller

Snomaster traveler 12 custom mounted in center console

Snomaster traveler 42 mounted on slide in rear with dedicated power port

Expedition essentials tray mount with ram smart phone mount

Victron solar charge controller


Orange Box fabrication PSD racks on driver and passenger side

Weathertech floor mats

Removed rear cargo slide and installed solid platform base

TRD Pro shift knob

All interior lights converted to LED

Replaced OEM parts in last 8k miles;

Lower control arms, bushings, and adjusters

CV axles

Tie rod end links

Sway bar end links



Spark plugs

Water pump



Drive belt

Brake fluid

Power steering fluid

Transmission fluid, diff fluid, transfercase fluid

Offered at $54,000 as listed