Load up and Roll out!

Join us as we let you inside our build shop and show you all the transformations our customer's vehicle's go through... We will also post "debriefs" of our Overland trips as well as planning tips, food ideas, gear setup, and all the nitty gritty of "loading up and rolling out." We're aren't pro's by any means, but we love exploring this country and using our Toyota's to get off-road and off-grid. So as the big company Toyota loves to say, "Let's go places."

For starters, I'm Michael, owner and multi-hat wearer of Adventure Motors. Pictured below is my unbelievably amazing wife, Tikva, seriously hilarious son Asher, and Me. This was the day we got the key to our new to us building and started the Adventure Motors journey...


Since then we've been running hard, having fun, and never looking back.

We got the key two days after we got back from our first extended trip with Asher. He was to the age where we felt comfortable taking him way out there and for more than just a few days. Well, he did amazing and fell in love with it!

For this trip we used my wife's rig which was a 2007 Toyota 4Runner Sport 4WD with the V6. It had a decent set of modifications including a full suspension setup and air bags, skid plates, rack to house our tent and awning, solar/fridge/battery setup, and a few lights to help out on the dark nights. It wasn't heavily built, but more than did the job for us. Since then I've replaced that with a 5th gen Trail Edition, but that will come in future posts...

We hooked up our trailer, loaded up the SxS, and headed west for Taylor Park Reservoir via the beautiful Cottonwood Pass.

We drove down Cottonwood Pass and made it to the reservoir.... From there we went past the Taylor Park trading post and into a little town called Tincup. From there we went up road/trail that we really shouldn't have taken our trailer up, haha. Once at the end of trail we nestled ourselves at the base of a mountain just beside a glacier runoff reservoir. It was a seriously secluded and beautiful spot. If you look closely, you can see us tucked away on the left side of the picture below

After a night here we decided to go back down towards the reservoir so we could get the SxS on the extensive trail system that loops all around the reservoir. 

Seriously rainy weather forced us out of the reservoir area (nearly freezing temps and sideways rain doesn't work well with a toddler...) and off to another spot in Colorado. We drove through a few trail systems on our way to our next destination in the Buena Vista and Twin Lakes area... Stunning scenery and beautiful drives on the way there!

We ended up landing at a random clearing near Vasquez Peak. We parked right next to a creek, filled our water tank up, setup site and enjoyed the remote beauty for the next two days. We logged many hours on the SxS exploring the mountain side and getting dirty. It was tons of a fun and a great experience for us and Asher. We spent many hours in the 4Runner on our way to and in between all the destinations. It was a great trip for our family and set an awesome starting line for the journey's we would be taking with Asher in the coming months and years...

Michael Fuller